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Your Wealth Is Measured By The Fewness Of Your Wants

Years ago I came to an amazing realization; I realized that I am not yet a millionaire living in a beautiful home but my home is nice. My car is not new but it has not failed to get me where I want to go. My bank account does not have a negative or zero balance and I have plenty of good food to eat, so I consider myself wealthy because I have few wants in life like a millionaire.

Contentment is a wealth because it brings joy and peace. When we are not contented we would worry about the things that we do not have like a new car but ask yourself this question, is the car that you have working? If it is then you are the same as a millionaire. His car gets him where he want to go but so does your; so be contented with such as you have and live in peace.

A few years ago I was working at this place and a young lady there had gotten a house. She ordered some furniture but when it was delivered, they forgot her coffee table; she was upset all that day. Finally she asked me what she was going to do. I said well let me ask you a few questions; I asked her if she had a bed to sleep on, she replied yes. I asked if she had food and a stove to cook on, again she said yes; then I asked if she had a kitchen table to eat on and she said yes to that question also, then I said to her, well I do not see the problem. She looked at me for a few seconds then she said, I guess I do not have a problem. I was simply telling her to be contented with what she had and it worked because she released her anxiety and had a productive day at work.

It is alright to want things but there is a time for everything so if it is not yet then do not worry about it, it will come when it is time. We are wealthier than we realize but if we fail to see what we do have then we would see ourselves as poor. I believe that as long as our daily provisions are met, then we are wealthy. God said that He daily loads us with His benefits so if that is true and it is, how can there be lack? You may not have fifty thousand dollars but if what you have is getting you what you want; it is working just like that fifty thousand.

Our wealth is measured by the fewness of our want so if our daily provisions are met; then we can consider ourselves wealthy.

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