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How to Manage a Personal Crisis

If you observe the media during the crisis they invite more speakers who are extremely bearish. Go with the flow, seems the adagio. It looks reasonable, why would you predict a turn in a depression when there are no signs yet? That is risky.

This is a helpful view on managing a personal crisis. What should you do, how do you manage a personal crisis? Most of us have experienced a crisis and if you know how to handle one, the next is easier. It starts with puberty.

A personal crisis can popup at any moment when you are not prepared for it. It is often due to a combination of circumstances and a personal conflict.

The first step to manage a personal crisis is to acknowledge it. This is a crisis. In Spain the government took quite a while to use the words crisis, begin afraid that it would worsen or hoping it would go away if you do not acknowledge it. But finally they acknowledged it. That moment you are officially in a crisis. You may tell people, or you may try to hide it for others, but people will probably notice.

This first step is important to get over it too. As long as you don’t acknowledge it, it may linger on for ever, you feel depressed but you don’t understand why.

For the second step, don’t try to cheer up your life (yet). If you entered just into a crisis, don’t try to get out immediately. Think black. Feel bad. Increase your negative mood, make it (look) worse. It is not important to find a responsible, an external event, relation or an internal conflict. Or a combination. Live your crisis. That serves a purpose. Without crises there is no growth. Do not think like that, but they are part of life. Connect to your feelings and try to make it explicit.

How long will this take? This depends on the crisis and on you. But at some moment in time, you may try to see the bright sight of things. Look at the positive side of what has happened to you. If you have been far away in stage two – you will notice that you have little to loose, because you have lost it already. For some loss this approach will not help. Some loss may change you into a new person and for those extreme situations there is no crisis management guide. Obviously.

But for the more average crisis, if you have experienced one you will perhaps recognize this cycle. After have experienced a few, the whole cycle may take less time. Crisis management may have become part of your life.


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