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It Is Your Personal Discipline That Determines Your Future

The ability of an individual to keep a close tab on himself will determine the extent to which he can succeed in life. The power of choice has already been bestowed on man right from the onset and the moment we decide to move in the direction of our goal and purpose without wavering, success becomes inevitable.

We must however learn to exercise restrain in some specific areas of our life if we ever hope to make maximum impact in life. Below are some of the vital areas we must pay particular attention to:

Your thought

When an individual fails to take a hold of his thought, the tendency is for the individual to be controlled by that same thought. Every positive or negative action a man undertakes started as a thought in the subconscious. When Cain was decided to kill Abel his brother, it all started as a thought and he eventually implemented that evil thought which resulted in the death of an innocent soul. The thought of man is like a chain reaction which if initiated can be very difficult to stop.

Your eyes

Job declared in the book of Job 31:1- “I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid? He knew the importance of disciplining the eyes and this resulted in his taking a radical vow. David on the other hand failed to take heed to the advice of Job and paid dearly for it. When other men had gone to war, he went up to his balcony and he saw what he ought not to see- a naked woman bathing.

The sight of a naked woman bathing stirred up his male hormone and before he knew what was happening, he had committed adultery. To cover up his track, he had to commit. It all started from an innocuous glance which later turned fatal.

Your tongue

The tongue is the smallest but most powerful organ of the human body. The inability of people to control their tongue has resulted to some destinies been destroyed prematurely. A careless word spoken can set in motion a chain of destructive actions which can leave in its trail tears, sorrow and shattered dreams.

At the peak of their career, the Beatles one of the best rock band to ever come out from the face of the earth in the 1960’s had a press conference where they came face to face with the world press.

At the press conference, one of the band members John Lennon made a very careless statement which till date he regretted. He said that the Beatles were more popular than the Lord Jesus Christ. That was beginning of the downfall of the Beatles as the band later disintegrated after few years.

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