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Simplicity Doubt

I think it is easier to convince some one to work hard for something they want then convincing them to work smarter. It seems that we tend to believe that difficulty breeds intelligence more then efficiency. The harder or more complicated something is the more legitimate it seems. If the solution is easy it doesn’t seem valid. I guess no one wants to appear naïve, so the results are fancy answers.

I believe insanity is expecting different results from the same behavior, and searching for a complicated answer when there is a simple solution is one of the most profane forms of psychosis. We seem to be living in a world where simplicity doubt is a common mental health ailment. Doubt that we can work smarter easier, and get ahead can’t be explained simply and sold. If you want to sell this idea, it needs to be packaged in complication to get someone to buy it. Why do you need to spend money on something you wouldn’t use when you can find the solution simply for nothing? Well, because you won’t belief the simple truth – that’s crazy.

The simple truth is that you can have whatever you want if you think you can have it. You own thoughts define who you are and what you possess. Thoughts in their most elemental forms are nothing more the instantaneous electrical impulses in your brain. Most thoughts are automatic in that you have thought them before. We like to think and perceive the world the same way because it’s easy, it’s automatic. Same thinking – requires less thought. We can choose to change the way we think by focusing our attention on our thoughts, telling ourselves to consciously stop thinking a negative or self-limiting thought and replacing the negative thought with a positive or affirming thought. This attention and focus can occur several times through out the day when first attempted, but automatically once routinely thought. You can teach yourself to think solutions are simple and life is easy, but that requires overcoming your own thoughts about simplicity doubt.

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