Origin of Baccarat that you did not know before

Origin of Baccarat that you did not know before PG Slot Baccarat is a game that has a long origin There have been many evolutions in different social eras. and gaining popularity in every era to this day which is popular from around the world in many countries With this popularity, it became an online casino.

that spreads quickly and widely in the Internet world that everyone can enjoy anywhere which many people may not know what it is how to play it And what are the things you need to know?

Baccarat Origins

Before studying that What is Baccarat? Must know the history of the coming before At the beginning there are many theories. It’s been argued for a long time that it really is. then the beginning Where exactly happened? One group said that Baccarat came from the root of the French word Baccarat. It is the root of the Italian people. Therefore, it is clearly stated that the root word from italian Therefore

must be born in Italy, of course, which was invented and played by Felix Falguirein, an Italian gambler who later It was later published in France.

Another group of researchers argued. One group said above that it is not true. Baccarat was born in France separately. The etymology cannot be clearly stated. about real history must look directly from history that What was it influenced by? Researchers, they said. Baccarat is influenced by blackjack. originating in France Therefore, the actual starting point came from France separately. There was also

another group that said origin from china with the same formula as Chinese Mahjong But there isn’t enough clear evidence.

what is baccarat and how to play

Baccarat is a type of card game that is like Pokdeng of Thailand. Bets are placed by players. and the dealer who is the one who controls the game which players can play with many people Decided losing and winning with only 3 cards. In the deck, use 6-8 decks of cards to make it more difficult for players to guess. In the rules, cards 10, J, Q, K are treated as 0, A is 1 and all other cards. which is a number will

have points equal to the number on the face of that card which must be added together based on the unit principle as a measurement criterion Who has more numbers? Which side has more points? That side wins.

Which the more points are 9 and the least points are 0, for example, one side gets 10 cards, the total of 9 is 19, but we only count the points from the unit weight. Therefore, the score is equal to 9 points, must win every card that has a score of 8 or less than 9, but if a 9 equals a draw, 3 cards must be redrawn to measure who will win There are many formulas to play. that let us learn from many gamblers

starting the game, there will be people dealing cards (Most popular card dealers are beautiful girls) Deal cards to players on the banker’s side. and on the player’s side, 2 cards each and the player can choose which side to bet on By betting on the player’s side, a little tax will be deducted. But if betting on the banker side will not have to deduct any tax at all, which if the player guesses the bank and place bets on the side with more points will receive money according to the part that has been bet

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