The rules of baccarat

Understand the rules of baccarat before entering the field.

When you decide to enter the field of baccarat. Before finding out how to play baccarat to get that money Should start to learn and understand the basic rules of this game first. to boost confidence reduce drowsiness and ready to take the prize money as your own Baccarat is a table card game. There is a method of playing similar to the Pok Deng that we are familiar with. But there is a difference in counting the points of the cards. including the form of placing bets Let’s take a look at the rules and basic guidelines of playing Baccarat. must know that in playing baccarat You will not be a draw. but will be spectators of both sides’ card races and then place bets on the baccarat table To win which side will win or draw

1. Baccarat card deal

The dealer will deal cards to two players, Banker’s and Player’s side, each side receives 2 equal cards and a 3rd card is drawn when the card scores. In the hand is below 4.

2. Counting Baccarat Points

Baccarat scoring is very easy. Just look at the cards you get. Then observe the number of points of each card, but if A card is obtained, it will be counted as 1 point, and if it is other English letters such as J, Q, or K, it will be counted as 0 points. Which player has the closest points 9 will be the winner.

  1. Betting and Baccarat Payouts

    Baccarat bets have a payout ratio of 1: 1, while the tie is 1:8. Baccarat tables also give you the opportunity to bet on pairs of cards. the banker’s side or the player’s side as well By choosing to bet on the first two cards If the first two cards of either side are the same That side will immediately win this bet. The pair bets will have a payout rate of 1: 11

  2. Deduction of money from the game.

    Baccarat has two types of deductions: 5% deduction and no deduction. The 5% deduction will occur when you place bets on the banker’s side. And not deducting money is placing bets on the player’s side.

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